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Storage units can be a lifesaver when you are moving into a new home with less space, but still want to keep most of your possessions. They are also useful for small business owners looking for temporary storage for their stock. Either way these tips might help you choose a unit that is best for you.


This may seem one of the most obvious factors to consider, but sometimes you may end up unnecessarily paying for a large unit when you could easily have stored stacked your belongings in and orderly manner in a smaller space. Conversely, you may choose a smaller unit to save money, but end up having to pull everything out when you need to find something right at the back. If you need to frequently move things in and out of the unit it is probably unwise to use a small space and stack your things from floor to ceiling.

If you are a businessman with varying storage space requirements for each season, contact your storage rental about your options. You do not need to pay for a larger unit for the whole year if you will need it only for three months.

Protect your belongings

Try not to leave anything on the floor. If the unit is outside then there is a chance that the rain and snow can seep in. Even in indoor units there may be times when a large spill outside or in your adjacent lockers can leak into your one. Cover everything in film to protect from dust. If you are using a personal storage in Singapore unit to keep your collection of rare art and ornaments make sure they are properly protected. Humidity and radically varying temperatures can easily damage sensitive items.

Indoor or outdoor units

Outdoor units offer the freedom of bringing your moving truck right up to the storage unit. However, keep in mind that these will easily be affected by the rain, snow and humidity. These can also easily attract nearby rodents and insects, especially if you have food.

Indoor units will be less affected by weather changes, but they can attract rodents if food is stored. The units on the ground floor are offer more protection against climate changes. Also note that it is much easier to move heavy furniture in and out of units on the ground floor rather than the higher floors.

Use climate controlled units for heat-sensitive items.


Make sure that either the company’s insurance or your home insurance covers everything you have stored.

Storage units can be great when you really have no other option, but if it is used only to hoard disposable items it can be a waste of money. These are expensive and overtime you might pay enough money to buy yourself a new home.