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Recruiting companies are sought after by both companies and job seekers alike because they efficiently match the company’s needs to a job seeker’s need. However, this is not the service they offer.

Specialised knowledge
Often recruitment agencies act as mediators only for a limited number of industries. Thus, they have a good knowledge about the industry, its proceedings and job opportunities. They can give job-seekers realistic and timely information about their prospects in a particular field.

Companies reveal accurate details recruitment agencies
These agencies cannot survive without a good relationship with the client companies or recruits. Usually once a company seeking a reliable agency they will divulge sensitive details like accurate salaries for each vacancy. This information can be revealed to potential employees of that company, registered in the database of the agency.

The agency may act on a job seeker’s behalf
Since the agency has realistic facts about their client’s requirements they may be able to negotiate salaries on a potential recruit’s behalf. A job seeker can give a detailed description of their interests and skills and can communicate the client company via the agency.

Saves time
For a client, an agency will save a lot of time. The agency will take the time to go through CVs and match the interests of applicants with the interest of their clients and provide the company with a shortlist of applicants. For their most loyal clients the agency will act in the best interests of the clients rather than the applicant.

This service will also benefit when a looking for specialised fields. For an instance engineering recruiters may find it difficult to find a suitable candidate in a rush. However, an agency will already have a database with applicants who may fit the criteria specified.

They have unadvertised jobs
Recruitment agencies are also great places to find vacancies that are not advertised elsewhere. This happens because the client has faith in the agency to find the most suitable candidate for their opening. Agencies also have a wealth of information about short term employment options.

Some recruitment companies offer services of their own, like auditing. Thus they will also hire you for a vacancy. For an instance if they have openings for audit jobs in the agency they will immediately call you up.

Service is usually for free
The great thing about this service is that it is usually done free for the job seekers. You may be required to pay a small sum for the registration, but usually no other charges are involved. If you are called for an interview and you secure the job, either you or your hiring company will be required to pay a commission fee.