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If you love working with computers and other technology, then this era is the best for you to find a career. As more and more people become attuned to working with technology, the demand for it gets greater and it opens more opportunities for those who love tinkering with technology. In the current year, there are a lot more opportunities and career paths in the world of technology than in any other field as well.
Mixing in your two favorite components
If you are someone with a business degree, then getting into the technological world for your career is easier than you think. But in most care scenarios, the aspect of your major is different from the technology factor in the company. As an example, you can work for the executives or the administration but you will not be able to do hands on work with technology, and vice versa. So the best mixture of the two majors is becoming a project manager or something related which allows you to work on your IT and also uses the knowledge of your degree.
And as a major point, you can further your career with an MBA course in Singapore or a related master’s as well as an IT one. So you get a broad range of choices when it comes to deciding upon what education to take on when you want to further your career.
Fixating on the company you want to work at
Those who are well versed in the IT and technology know that there are major companies that are far ahead of others in the world. So getting a job in one of these companies would be a dream come true to many tech fans. So this is the part where you need to get your experience of the four years of college into good use and start networking hard. Grab the contacts of the company that you want to work at (someone from HR department would be the best bet) and get the intelligence on how the recruitment process goes and what the expectations are. This way, you can figure out where you are lacking and make up for it before you apply for the job.
Also talk to your old professors who taught you IT and business and make sure to keep in touch with them. They can help you pick the best path to take when you want to get ahead of others and will be able to aid you when it comes to questions regarding work and also dealing with people.