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A woman being sexually attacked is sadly becoming a common occurrence in this world that we live in and even sadder is the fact the media portrays women as sexual objects making the younger generation feel that it is acceptable and normal to use women and attack women. As an example, if we were to take a look at superhero movies which are very common among younger children and teenagers, we would notice that the male superheroes are big muscled men in armors whereas the women heroes will almost always be dressed in very revealing outfits with the most emphasis being their bodies and body parts. It is this same culture that we see in video games, advertisements, movies and television shows without much concern even for the age of the children that see this portrayal and thus, it is no surprise that these children grow up believing that hurting, attacking and molesting women is normal and acceptable.

What can women do?There is a lot that women can do to halt this culture from spreading further but the very sad truth is that women too grow up with this media culture and this brainwashing and begin to see themselves as no more than what they are portrayed to be on television. In a world where women can be anything from scientists to presidents to astronauts, it is quite alarming that we are seeing so many young women saying they would like to be a porn actress or a glamour model in the future. Women need to educate themselves and fight against this culture with everything that they are to prevent it from spreading further. Simultaneously, it is important that women train themselves to fight back against an attack in case they are unfortunate enough to experience one. As a woman, it would be very useful for you to attend boxing classes or lessons in self-defense so that you can learn to defend yourself against an attack.

If you are a parent, especially of a young girl, you will want to enroll her in mixed martial arts lessons in Singapore while teaching her about the dangerous rape culture all around her. There is no age that is too young to learn about rape culture because we live in a world where girls are being raped even as young as two years old.

There is only one way to solve this problem and that is trough awareness and education. We need to counter the media by teaching young people that women need to be respected and given the place in society that they deserve.