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Well, choosing the correct marketing method will be of no use if it is not effective. Small businesses need to be more realistic than others since you need to face the trade off between cost and effectiveness with regards to the campaign. If you do need to gather a good customer base, you have to be ready to spend a considerable amount. So here are some of the steps you need to follow to make sure your marketing campaign in successful.

1. Budget your campaign
Budgeting can be the most important factor to consider, since knowing how much you really have with you to spend on advertising will be a deciding factor on what advertising methods you will make use of. For instance, planning a flyer distribution rather than a video marketing campaign maybe appropriate for low budget businesses since flyers are much cheaper than video campaigns.

2. Target your audience
It is obvious that your product is not needed by every person. Small businesses should focus on products that are sought by a less number of people but will turn out to be very loyal customers, i.e. niche markets. Many businesses do not realize the importance of targeting and hence their campaigns could go unnoticed by the relevant people. Always remember to select the most appropriate set of people and the most appropriate marketing method. For example, an older crowd would respond to a newspaper ad and a younger crowd would respond to video marketing in Singapore.

3. Measure and track your advertising
You need to know if your advertising is actually working. If you are advertising online, such platforms let you analyze how many people have viewed and shared your ad with others. Such obtained stats and responses could be used to decide on what to do next and what not to do. If you are using offline advertising, make sure to put up a contact number or email so that people could reach you quickly.

4. Know when to advertise
Advertising all year round may seem wise but realistically, it cannot be done that way. Your budget may not support such continuous advertising and hence you need to pick out the best time periods. If you are selling a seasonal product, then choose your highest performing seasons. Start off early and keep everything ready so that as soon as the season hits, you can kick off. Also, make sure you hold some of the ads for a little later for the last minute shoppers.

5. Brand well
Can your customer identify your advertisement as soon as they see the colours of the ad, the images, logo etc.? If not, you haven’t done your branding right. People respond to familiar colours and logos rather than new ads popping up every minute. You might have the urge to change your style, however this could lose you many customers since they are already used to a certain style of ads.