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Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life which you might have planned for quite some time. However, if you wish that your wedding is unique to typical weddings then you could add a few elements to both the ceremony and reception in order to make the event memorable and enjoyable, both for you and your guests.

Opt for a destination wedding
If your budget permits, then you could avoid a ballroom event with a boring dinner followed by a dance and choose to have a fun filled wedding week at one of your favorite destinations. A beach wedding in Hawaii, Singapore or Thailand filled with some crazy events throughout the weekend are sure to keep your guests reminiscing your wedding for years to come.

Make a unique entry
Instead of wearing a white gown and walking slowly down the aisle with tears rolling down your cheeks, you could choose to wear a different colored dress while dancing happily down the aisle with your dad or husband to be. Breaking a few traditions never hurt anybody, but it sure did create some captivating moments.

This does not only include an awesome DJ spinning out some crazy music which would keep your guests dancing till the wee hours of morning. It could also be a surprise dance by your family members to entertain the guests or you could also hire a famous band or dance group to perform at your wedding. In addition, you could include some games at reception along with a photo booth with some cutouts of the couple or funny quotes. If you opt for a destination wedding, you could look up for ‘best photo booth in Singapore’ or ‘photography services in Thailand’ so as to find the most reliable services available at these locations.

Create different zones
At the reception, make sure you organize different zones so that the guests have a range of different things to do. You could have a lounge or sitting area with a few sofas where the older guests can relax and a separate area for the kids to play and draw. The bar and dance floor could be set up away from this area whereas the food table could be arranged in between these two sectors. This way each guest could choose to spend time where they are comfortable rather than dancing all night.

Hire professionals
Saving money is important, but this should not be the cause of you hiring vendors who might not provide the best services for your big day. You could reduce the size of the cake or the number of food items, but you must ensure that whatever is served is delicious. Moreover, hire a photographer who holds a decent reputation in event photography because pictures are the only way in which you can relive this day in your head. Therefore, ensure that you hire the best services within your budget.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you and your loved ones enjoy the wedding therefore, do not stress if tiny details go wrong since no one usually notices these glitches. Therefore, keep calm and enjoy your wedding.