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Most people are very proud and protective of their hair and going bald is considered an experience that can cause much upset to a person. Balding can occur for many reasons, the most common reason being a direct result of ageing. This said however, it is fairly common for even young people to be victims of hair loss due to lack of nourishment, vitamin deficiencies and various other conditions that can occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you are a man, one of the easiest ways to deal with balding is shaving your head and going for a bald look which is becoming quite popular today. There are of course many expensive and potentially dangerous hair transplant procedures that can be done but it is important to try to avoid these as much as possible because they can be very dangerous to the health and of course a waste of a lot of money.

Women and baldingFor women on the other hand, dealing with hair loss can be a little more difficult. They do not always have the option of shaving their heads and hair loss in women can be very obvious. If you are a young woman, it would be useful for you to try to identify the reason behind your hair loss. For most young people, ARTAS hair transplant and other expensive treatments are unnecessary because hair loss and balding can be completely reversible.

It would be a good idea for you to visit a nutritionist or a dietician for you to discuss you current diet and lifestyle. This will almost always lead you to the reason behind your hair loss. Hair loss can result due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle or due to stress. Stress is something that most young people today have to deal with due to the very difficult, busy and fast paced lives that they lead and this can cause severe hair loss but most young people will rarely ever connect the dots. Instead they opt for dangerous chemical based procedures that can cause many health problems in the future.

A dietician can help you to improve on your lifestyle, your diet and get rid of any nutritional deficiencies that you may have in order to reverse the effects of hair loss. In many cases, a change of lifestyle will result in you growing your hair back to a full head of hair. Vitamin and nutritional deficiencies are one of the leading causes of hair loss in young people because they survive solely on processed junk food with no nutritional value at all.