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Not every relationship is perfect. Most of the time, you have to commit to a relationship and you will have to work a lot to make the relationship a success. But if you are unhappy with your marriage and you have tried everything, then separation is the only logical choice left. However, you should not give up and there are things that you can do to save a marriage. Sometimes a small step, such as talking to your spouse or going to a couple therapy together can save your relationship. If you have tried all these things and still not happy with where you are, you should know how to file for a separation. There are more than one way to file a separation. Most people are familiar with the most popular way which is using an attorney. But there are other simple and more convenient ways.

You will be surprised to know that you can file for a separation on your own. This is obviously the cheapest way. You will not need an attorney. But you and your spouse will have to agree with each other on every aspect and parameter in your relationship. If your spouse hire an attorney, you are in disadvantage, of course. Even though this is a cheap method, you have a possibility of losing and also, you will have to do all the paperwork. If the two of you cannot agree with the terms, you will have to hire an affordable divorce lawyer Singapore. There are so many attorneys that you can find and there are professional services that can help you to make separation process easier. Also, you can get this done online thank to internet these days. But these online service will not give you legal advices, most of the time. So, if you want to know more or if you have any doubts about your process, you can pay extra to these online services and have a consulting time.

This period can be difficult for most couples. You are going through a rough and a difficult transition period and try to avoid stress as much as you can. If you don’t feel comfortable filing for a separation on your own, talk to a friend. Even though a friend will not be able to provide you with legal advices, they will help you to cope up. But it is always better to find a consultant or a professional firm that can help you finish this process fast. If you are really unhappy with your relationship the sooner you file a separation, the better.