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A picnic party is a jolly idea. It’s refreshing to celebrate a special day with your loved ones outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and taking beautiful pictures. A picnic party is ideal if you’re to spend a special day with someone, celebrate a birthday party or even throw a surprise anniversary lunch! Planning a picnic part won’t take up a lot of your time, but making sure everything is in place is very important. Below are a few steps you can follow to host your own picnic party.
Select the venueThis is the first and the most important step. You’ll have to pick a venue that can accommodate all your guests, and one that isn’t too far away as transporting all the goods can take a while! Make sure it’s a place everyone is bound to enjoy and one that has all the needed facilities. Visit the venue at least once before the party to create a mind map of how everything is supposed to be. Once the venue and date is selected, the next part is sending out the invites.
Make the listsThis includes all the possible lists you’ll need, such as the guest list, the menu list and everything else. Make sure you make your lists a few days prior to the actual picnic so that you don’t leave out any, include everything you’ll need such as frozen chicken parts, vegetables, blankets, etc. Once the lists have been made, go shopping and get everything you need. Lay out everything in an organized manner so that you won’t leave anything behind.
Prepare the foodThe next step is preparing the food. If you’re the one cooking the food, you’ll have to get to it in appropriate time, marinate and etc. If you’re getting a caterer, get together with them and choose your preferred menu and food. You can always opt to make some of the food yourself, or arrange something of a potluck to get a little work off your shoulders.
Getting to the venueOne the day of the occasion, make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Double check everything and call the caterers a few minutes before you’re about to leave to make sure they’re prepared. Leave no room for mistakes! Take with you the table covers, the name lists, the marinated frozen chicken thighs you’re supposed to grill at the venue and the bottles of water.
Once you plan a picnic party properly, it literally becomes a walk in the park!