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If you are wracking your brains about what to get for your significant other for her birthday because you seem to have gotten her everything that she wanted already, you might want to consider throwing her a surprise birthday party. There really is no greater gift than a surprise birthday party because you are planning out a day for her where you invite all her best friends and her cousins and other close family members together who she may not have met for a while. Of course, if you are living with her, it could be a little difficult to plan it out without her finding out which is why you have to be extremely careful when doing so. You will need to pick an accomplice to help you with the planning because your better half’s eyes will be on you and therefore you will need to allocate certain parts of the planning process to your chosen accomplice. The person you choose needs to be someone who loves her just as much as you do because planning the party is going to require quite a bit of work.

Food and drink for the party
The most important part of the party is the food and drink. You will have many different options for the food catering. You can choose to order in food from her favourite restaurant or you can even choose not to cater at all and make all her favourite things instead. You could even choose to have a potluck party where you, your accomplice and her other best friends bring in dishes that they have either made themselves or bought from the supermarket or from a restaurant.

Another option is mini buffet catering which should not cost too much of money and you might even be able to cover the cost by splitting the bill among her best friends.

One of your friend’s will need to be allocated as the baby sitter. The person will be in charge of keeping your significant other busy outside your home while you plan the party. You could even take on that role yourself if you have a few people available to get the house ready. In fact, this might be the best option because she is unlikely to get suspicious at all while hanging out with you because it might seem like the most usual day in the world. It is important for you to have a solid plan in place that is fool proof even in the case that she starts to get suspicious.