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If you ever find yourself planning a baby shower for a loved one, make sure you have the following items. They’re essential items that are necessary to pull off a successful shower.

The invitations for the baby shower need to be sent to all the guests first of all. Therefore the invitations need to be purchased first. If you are following a theme and you wish for the invitations to reflect the theme, find those that coherently match the decorations and other party items of the shower. There are many places you can find these things and an online baby store in Singapore should be somewhere you look. Tableware needs to follow the theme of the party much like the decorations so make sure to purchase it all at once. The decorations will include balloons, banners, streamers, centre pieces, floral arrangements and anything else you wish to have at the shower. Just remember to have a cohesive theme that is charming as well. Do you want to have place cards? Add it to the list if things to get from the store.

Apart from the usual food items, if you are planning to have little chewable candies and sweets for the guests to munch on, keep in mind to order them beforehand. Make sure to arrange a corner or even a sturdy box for the guests to keep all the baby shower gifts in from reputable gift shop. A baby shower is essentially a big and no party is complete with games. Set out whatever items are needed for the games you have in mind. Don’t forget the prizes for those who win the games! A cake is an essential at a shower so decide in advance if you will be ordering one specially made or you will be baking one yourself. If it is the latter, you will need to buy the baking supplies for the cake and any other goodies you wish to make. You might need extra tables and chairs to seat the guests. Borrow or buy as needed. If you plan on giving out party favours at the end, you need to purchase them as well as bags to put them in. 

There are many things to actually be done when planning a baby shower for someone, the above are merely the items required for the planning. The difficult part is yet to begin but it should all be worth it once you see the glowing and happy look on your friend’s (or relative’s) face as she takes in everything you’ve done for her future baby.