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Just because you grew old does not mean your life already ended. This is a time in life when you have the time to do everything you couldn’t do in your mid 40s because of the children and the jobs. You may not have the same energy but that should not be a reason to stop everything and retire to an elder’s home. Your friends and your spouse also may be retired thus giving you all the friends in the world to do anything and everything. Here are a few things you may be able to do in your retirement years.

Staying active You may not be able to go on mountain hikes but you definitely can take a yoga class or a pilates class. These are a type of exercise which helps build flexibility and strength and is similar to yoga or Tai chi.

There are pilates classes found in most parts of the world and it will be nice to meet people with similar interests in the park or at a studio. This is a time when you need people and friends to keep you active and entertained, so broaden your networks and interact with new people. You can also take on a few road trips. If you feel you cannot go alone, there are organized trips for the retired complete with a doctor on board. If you feel you are too young for that, collect a few friends and make that trip to all the places you couldn’t afford or didn’t have the time to visit.

Start a businessWhat better way to stay active and busy than to start a business or project. Retirement is finally when you have paid off the mortgages and the children’s college tuition fees. You would finally have some extra cash to do as you please and why not start a small business? You can simply turn your house into a bed and breakfast or start a business in gardening such as a fresh produce store. These type of businesses require little investment and would still leave you with a little cash in case it goes down in the dumps. Partner up with your friends for a more lucrative business option.

Get involved in projectsAnother interesting way of staying active and feeling useful in the world is by getting involved in projects such as those at church or a local social service or environmental group. Offer your time and expertise at a children’s home or an orphanage. Get on a project and make it your own and you will feel more alive in your retirement years than you ever did in your mid 40s from running from one job or meeting to the other.