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Do you have a friend who recently met with an accident or is seriously unwell? Do they have to be bedbound, temporarily even, due to their sickness or injuries? Do you want to do something to make this period less irritating to them? If so, then here are a few suggestions for you…

Entertain them or provide them with entertainment

One of the hardest parts about being bedbound, is being bored. Not being able to move around generally means you fall asleep a lot during the day, making it nearly impossible to fall asleep during the night. If your friend is going out of his or her mind due to boredom, try to entertain them. Your presence alone should do the trick. However, we understand that you have your own obligations as well. In this case, try to provide them with entertainment. Magazines, comic books, podcasts (preferably motivating ones), movies, drama series…you have plenty of options to choose from!

Do a few chores that they find hard to do themselves

If your friend is someone who lives alone, then chances are that they do all their chores by themselves. However, as they are bedbound, there will be so much they cannot do for themselves. Remember that for some people, an untidy or messy home automatically makes them feel saddened or depressed. Take out their trash, clean up their kitchen, do their groceries…you could even cook them a few of their meals. Again, if you can’t be around them, you could opt for making them a few freezer meals, and also online grocery delivery to make life easier for both of you…
Be the positive wind that blows through their day

Being bedbound, and unable to do anything that they find enjoyable can be very depressing. This being said, it’s pretty normal for someone in this condition to feel down and negative in general. However, though it is normal, it is not the best thing for them if they want to recover fast. Try to make them bring in a positive light to their day. Be cheerful and uplifting. You can even do this physically, by throwing open the windows, and letting in the sunlight. Remember; sunlight has a natural way of making people feel cheerful and positive. This can sometimes be more important that Singapore online grocery or any freezer meal.

Be their chauffeur when they have to leave home

Most people who are bedbound generally have to visit their doctor (or meet other outdoor appointments) at least once or twice a week. Not being able to drive themselves can be inconvenient as well as a little frightening; as they’ll have to trust a complete stranger (i.e. the taxi driver) to take them wherever they want to go. By offering to be their chauffer, you are eliminating this problem of theirs…