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Marketing is broad subject for many businesses. Marketing will depend on what the company does and what it wants to sell and to what audience it wants to sell it to. When you decide to outsource your marketing to an agency in can be really confusing as to which and to go for because there are many. Every agency gives different services and some have the capacity to give all the services required but it may be expensive. Here are few types of agencies and what they do to reduce your confusing and select exactly what you require.

Web – If you want a website your business this is the agency to go to. They are called a web design agency. They code and build your website by either using a template or building it bottom up just the way you want it. If you have something in mind you give a design and they will develop it. For a website to be used the website needs a hosting which the agency will provide themselves. Some of the web agencies also provide digital marketing or in other words social media marketing.

Design – This comes as creative solutions by helping out in the visual communication section of marketing. A design agency in Singapore provides graphic designing solutions. They will create and brand your company. Further they undertake everything from designing, packages to billboards to advertising campaign artworks. In short they design everything you need for a company on request.

Advertising – These agencies run marketing campaigns. For example if you want to run a campaign for December. They will come with a concept and direct the concept in such a way that it could be translated in to cross prints such as newspapers, TV commercials, and bill boards, etc. They are also help with getting deals with advertising spaces to get the campaigns running.

Brand – This agency helps create a brand for the company. The brand of a company is the face of the company which will talk on behalf of the company without having the need to say a word. This includes creating the logo, company profiles, and creating branding guidelines as to what colour should go with anything associated with the brand. It basically creates the visual identity of the company. This is normally done when the business is starting up and is looking to brand their company or when an existing company is looking to revamp their visual identity and rebrand their company.

This is a basic list of the types of agencies and I’m sure your requirements will fall in to at least one of these types.