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February 14th is a special day if you are a part of a couple. Therefore with this day on the horizon, you may be wrecking your brain over how to celebrate it. However, the problem is not the lack of options. In reality, the problem that many couples face is that they are overwhelmed with options. Hence, they are unable to decide what they want to do. Due to this reason they leave planning for this day until the last minute. This, therefore, results in them being disappointed. However, it is possible to rectify this situation. All one would be required to do is plan ahead of time.

Go On a Picnic

Many expect the first option to be a dinner date. But the problem is that countless other couples are also going on this exact same date. Therefore your significant other would not feel special sitting in a room filled with other couples. Hence to change things up you can purchase a valentine day bouquet Singapore and take her on a picnic. Furthermore, to make this more romantic you can opt to take a bottle of champagne and strawberries with you. However, we understand that not all couples like to go outdoors. Therefore, in that case, you can plan a fireside picnic in your living room. If you can cook then you can prepare a home cooked meal for you to enjoy. If not, then you can opt to order food from your favourite restaurant.  However, even if it is takeout one should make sure to properly plate them. That is because it is the ambience that would help set the mood for this date.

Breakfast In Bed

On this special day, you can first surprise you love the one with a perfect flower. Thereafter you can make her see how special she is by giving her breakfast in bed. This can be her favourite meal or even her favourite doughnuts from the corner shop. But whatever the food is to make sure to plate it properly. Furthermore, if it is during the weekend one can even make her a mimosa to enjoy in bed.

Weekend Gateway

Another way to celebrate this day would be to plan a weekend gateway. This could be an exotic island or even to a nearby city. Whatever the destination may be one should try to make it special. This could mean something simple as booking the honeymoon suite. Furthermore, it could even mean taking her to her favourite place in the world.

Thus, with the help of these tips, one can make the 14th of February a memorable day for their loved one.