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Mothers can go crazy when it comes to dressing up their kids. They love to experiment and try out new styles; however they are forgetting the primary concerns when it comes to baby clothes. So here are some of the factors you should keep in mind when choosing your kids clothes next time.

1. Comfort is everything Your little one is still getting used to this new world he has entered and he would find it difficult if he is wearing uncomfortable clothes. Make sure you get all baby clothes in cotton or other soft materials so that your baby will not feel uneasy. Check the smoothness of seams, since these could irritate baby’s skin. Also look out for tight elastic bands around arms, feet and waist and any other scratchy items such as metal zips etc in children clothing in Hong Kong.

2. Easy to handleBabies hate when garment are being pulled over their head so make life easier by getting clothes that have front, back or side openings. Snaps would be better since they are faster and easier than buttons. Also make sure that area such as the diaper area has quick access since this is essential. Velcro is quick and convenient too. However make sure you close them before washing to avoid any thread or lint filling it up which will then decrease its holding power.

3. Look out for choking hazardsBefore buying and also every wash of baby clothes, make sure you give a quick tug to sequins, buttons and snaps to check if they are coming off. These little things could easily be choked on by babies and can be very dangerous. Try to avoid the use of such items in baby clothes as much as possible.

4. Soft and durable fabricsAs said before, cottons are the best choice for a boy shirt and other baby clothes. Check the label for instructions on how you need to wash and iron them since the process for each fabric can be different. Also keep in mind that cotton clothes may look big at the beginning; however they can shrink up to 10 percent when washing. Fabrics that are a blend of polyester and cotton are much cheaper than pure cotton and also shrink less. These are fine too for your baby. So make sure you buy comfortable, soft and also long lasting quality clothes.

After these concerns, you could think of style and fashion. There is no harm in dressing up you little one, however you main concern should be his or her comfort. This would keep the baby happy always.